Summer with Armani

At Armani Restaurant, we believe in using only the freshest seasonal produce and ingredients in all our dishes to ensure the best flavour and highest quality meals for all our guests.

Our kitchen’s been busy preparing all the summer dishes which highlight only the best ingredients just for you!

We have an extensive list of salads that puts freshness first. Our salads are inspired by
various Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours we’re sure you’ll surely love. All our salads are made with ingredients sourced from local farms and are picked at their prime to preserve its freshness.

With the temperatures rising, cool yourself off with one of our fruit cocktails. It’s just the right amount of sweetness and refreshing taste of summer fruits mixed with creamy ice cream – it’s sure to be your drink of the season.

Don’t forget about our seafood menu! We have an array of fish and shellfish dishes served the day they’re caught. Our dishes range from light such as our roasted fish options to absolutely indulgent such as our Luxury Seafood Platter.

Come over to Armani and try our delicious summer dishes now