Mediterranean Cuisine: Your Go-To Healthy Meals

Mediterranean Cuisine: Your Go-To Healthy Meals
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Eating healthy foods is not just a habit. It is more of a lifestyle. Choosing meals that are rich in vitamins and minerals over the fast food ones are important to sustain the nutrients that are body needs. As the world becomes more and more modernised, our lives become busier. With this, we cannot really prevent the times that we have to get take outs or drive thrus for our dinners.

Yes, ordering food or dining out is inevitable nowadays. However, we can still keep our health in check by going to restaurants that serve green or healthy meals. Among them are the dining places that offer the Mediterranean and Lebanese dishes.

Recent research showed that following the Mediterranean diet is effective when it comes to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also shows a 25% less risk for people to develop any internal inflammation.

Here are the reasons why Lebanese and Mediterranean recipes are more nutritious than the others.

The Use of Olive Oil

Mediterranean people generously use olive oil in their dishes. Olive oil is healthy as it is rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. Its antioxidant compounds have good effects on our bodies.

Olive oil contains oleocanthal, which also has an effect on many inflammatory diseases. It improves  HDL cholesterol which is also popularly known as the “good” type of cholesterol.

Many restaurants that highlight Mediterranean cuisine use only olive oils in cooking. You can always check out their menus as they are among those that are considered to be the good restaurants Parramatta area.

Only Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for the Meals

Lebanese cuisine takes pride in its different variations of tasty and healthy salads. Each salad variation includes different kinds of fresh greens and fruits which are healthy as they have low cholesterol and caloric content. Most Mediterranean restaurant Sydney has, offers interesting and unique ways of serving their salad variations to their patrons.

If you are looking for healthy fruits, rest assured that you can always get it from Mediterranean meals. Especially those that are rich in vitamin C, most of their dishes use citrus fruits like lemon to bring out their natural taste and flavour to the dish.uits, lemon especially for bringing the tang taste that is used in dressing salads and marinating meats.

Lean meat

Mediterranean cuisine also has dishes or recipes that use lean meat such as chicken, lamb and beef. One of the lean meat recipes that are specialised in Lebanese restaurant Parramatta is the traditional raw meat dish the Kibbeh Nayeh. This is made up of minced raw lamb or beef with a mixture of many spices, olive oils and onions.

A Guide to Fine Dining Mediterranean Cuisine in Parramatta

A Guide to Fine Dining Mediterranean Cuisine in Parramatta
Image by Guillermo Muro from Pixabay

Planning a dinner party for your family or friends can be really stressful, especially if your preparation time is limited. The key is to make arrangements for the event ahead of time. This way, you can easily make an accurate to-do list, limit the unanticipated troubles during the event and spend more time bonding with your friends and loved ones at the party.

When it comes to choosing the best menu to serve, it is important to identify the theme of the event. That way it will be easier for you to choose the cuisine and dishes to offer to your guests.

For those who are planning for a Mediterranean-themed party, there are several fine dining Parramatta restaurants to check. These outstanding dining establishments are popular to customers as they have a wide range of intercontinental flavours to choose from.

Banquet Food

Arranging for a group of people can be challenging but Parramatta dining spots are equipped to serve this type of special events and occasions. Their banquet menus are a hassle free option as these cover authentic Arabic, Lebanese and other Mediterranean appetisers, dishes and even desserts. Whether it be birthdays, VIP Events, meetings, or even wedding receptions, they have the best package to offer to you.


Many people visit and dine with their loved ones at the best Lebanese restaurant Parramatta has. They offer a great range of tasty starters that are rich in natural herbs and spices. Among the popular starters in this place are a light bite-sized dish like batata harra or a spicy potato that is seasoned with garlic, coriander and chilli flakes. The dining place also offers soups especially during cold dinner nights. One of the all-time favourites is the oriental lentil soup with red lentils, cumin, crispy bread and lemon wedges.

Salad can be a great alternative too. The vegetables used in the restaurants are all fresh. Most of their salads combine various types of lettuce, tomato, cucumber cheese and oregano. These are also served with olive oil and apple vinegar as the dressing.

Main Dishes

The main dishes are the one that highlights the special event or a luxurious dinner. There are a variety of carefully picked succulent steaks and a selection of pastas at these restaurants. Ablama is one of the popular traditional Mediterranean culinary dishes that will blow you away. It is a marinated lamb minced meat stuffed in a zucchini with yoghurt sauce and white rice to complete your night.

Barbeques are also famous. These are commonly served in skewers partnered with traditional tasty hummus and a garlic sauce for a kick to your dish. Fresh seafood like deep fried prawns and calamari are all available in case of cravings.


How could anyone forget about dessert? Ice cream is a staple in the dessert department having a variety of flavors from chocolate, vanilla, strawberry to mango, passion fruit and ferrero rocher are all must try.

Setting up your family for dinner during a special occasion will be unforgettable, extraordinary and memorable especially with a wide history of culinary influences that influenced Mediterranean food, indulging you into delicious, healthy and exceptional dishes through fine dining.

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